Laboratory Reports for Geotechnical Engineering

These laboratory reports were created using Microsoft Excel. They are compatible with both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

These reports are formated to be attached to formal soils reports, letters, or simply used with a cover letter. All the lab reports have a uniform style for a consistent presentation in the final report. The reports are arranged in an Excel Workbook. The Workbook has an information page where the project name, location, file number and date is entered so you only enter it once. This information is then automatically entered into each Test Worksheet. All test reports have the test method name and designation, and the report date in a header type area below the project information. Each test worksheet can be duplicated within the workbook for reporting any number of the same tests, and will remain linked to the information page. The workbook, when finished, will contain a separate test report for each test performed for the entire project.

Each test worksheet has a data entry section in which cells are color coded for ease of data entry, and a report section where the printed report is displayed. The worksheets are protected so that certain cells cannot be modified to protect the integrity of the calculations. Each sheet can be unprotected, and modifications easily made to suit your needs if you desire. I can also do any modifications you desire for you. These test worksheets were developed over a 20 year period while employed as the Laboratory Manager of a mid-sized Geotechnical Engineering firm. They were kind enough to give me the rights to further develop these sheets and offer them for sale. These worksheets can help streamline the calculation and reporting part of the lab and add efficiency and reduction of errors. I also offer free data entry forms to be used in the lab, which, when used in conjunction with the Excel worksheets, makes the computer data entry a snap! I also offer a full range of formal reports for Concrete, Aggregate, AC, Steel, and Mix Designs. Please contact me if you would like more information about any of these reports.

The examples below do not include all of the worksheets and reports that are available. For a complete list, see my Worksheet Prices. Many of my worksheets are also available in metric units.


Particle Size by Hydrometer
Particle Size by Sieves

Direct Shear

Void Ratio vs. Normal Stress
Time Rate (log of time)

Permeablity/Hydraulic Conductivity
Bulk Density of Ring Samples

California Bearing Ratio (CBR)

Relative Compaction
California Test 216
Unconfined Compression


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