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Geotechnical Soil Sampling Equipment

Suppliers of Rings, Liners and Containers
used in the Ring Barrel Sampler (ASTM D-3550)
and the Modified Split Barrel Sampler

1-inch Tall Brass Rings
Container for Rings
Rigid and Tightly Sealed
Conforms to ASTM D-3550
Item Unit Price Units per Case Price per Case
Brass Ring; 1" tall, 2.5" OD; 0.042" wall   300 $525.00
Brass Liner; 6" tall, 2.5" OD; 0.042" wall   50 $400.00
Container for 2.5" OD rings; PVC ; 6" tall   25 $125.00
Perforated Ring; 2.5" OD; 2.375" ID, 1" tall (for hard to retain samples; sand, wet) $5.00 Sold Individually
Container Cap; black, vinyl $0.75 Sold Individually
Container Bottom; polyethylene $0.25 Sold Individually
Black Liner Cap; vinyl $0.35 Sold Individually
Yellow Liner Cap; vinyl $0.35 Sold Individually
Wall thickness tolerance of rings and liners is ±0.005"
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